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Welcome to my website. I am an experienced registered homeopath and holistic therapist with a practice near Welshpool and online.

Health and happiness are the most important factors in people's lives and natural healing therapies can get you there.

My healing therapies are Homeopathy, H-DETOX, Bach Flower Therapy, Sound Healing and The Metamorphic Technique.


Bach Flower Therapy

In person in SY21
Bach Flower Therapy
Sound Healing
The Metamorphic Technique

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I offer a FREE telephone or web chat, to discuss your needs and to answer any questions you may have.

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Homeopathy - rated as BEST ALTERNATIVE THERAPY for physical and emotional health

A government study of 713 patients in Northern Ireland, using alternative and complementary therapies found that patients received significant health benefits overall.

But the patients who received homeopathic treatment had the highest success rates.

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Cleanse and rebalance with homeopathic remedies.

As well as traditional homeopathy, I offer H-DETOX. This is because toxicity can stand in the way of healing.

The programme of treatment is simple to follow, and isn't disruptive to your daily life. There are no herbs to take or fasting involved.

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Bach Flower Therapy - emotional healing

Bach Flower Therapy is healing for the emotions, and can also help develop qualities such as confidence, assertiveness, and self-esteem, enabling you to make positive changes in your life.

What to expect in a consultation
We will talk about what’s happening in your life and what you’d like to change, then I’ll select three or more Bach Flower Remedies from which I'll make a combination remedy. You'll take this four times a day for three/four weeks. I will check in with you after two weeks to see how you’re feeling after taking the remedy.

What next?
Once you have experienced the amazing power of Bach Flower Therapy, you may wish to continue your health and happiness journey with the healing flowers.

Sound Healing

In a Sound Healing session, we will begin by talking about your health concerns, and (if you wish), whether you feel your emotions are in balance, and what in your life would you like to change.

You remain fully clothed, sitting or lying down, and no touch is involved. I use singing bowls, tuning forks and my voice to create a calming, relaxing space around you, to allow a healing ‘reset’ of your body and mind.

Read more about Sound Healing by clicking here

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The Metamorphic Technique

There is no need to discuss your life (or anything at all) in a session. Similar to reflexology, but a light touch is used on certain areas of the feet, hands and head known as spinal reflexes. These areas correspond to different stages of development between our conception and birth. By the practitioner gently massaging the spinal reflexes, all influences which created negative patterns of experience in your life are gently and painlessly released.

Many people find a session so relaxing that they fall asleep, at least for a while!

Read more about The Metamorphic Technique by clicking here.

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“I was amazed at the questions Julie asked and the knowledge she exuded.”

“I have complete confidence in recommending the homeopath Julie Moore.”

“I have found her consultations to be very thorough and yet always considerate of the dignity and privacy of her client.”

Confidentiality, privacy and GDPR

Please be assured that my patient information is kept securely and is confidential.

I have a GDPR policy (about keeping your personal data safe) which you can read by following the 'Privacy Policy' link at the very bottom of this page.


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