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Julie Moore Homeopath, LCPH, MARH

Welcome to my website. I am an experienced registered homeopath and Natural Health Practitioner based in Cefn Coch, near Welshpool in mid Wales.

If you're not in travelling distance, it's no problem - I offer online consultations as well.

Google reviews

My latest reviews;-

"Julie’s care and service is second to none. Without her my health would not be in the position it is in and I wouldn’t be able to live my life as freely as I do without the constraints of illness and poor health. Julie has achieved what the NHS couldn’t and I am eternally grateful. Thank you Julie!"

"I was in a dark place suffering from eczema nothing seemed to work, I was recommended to Julie, within a week of starting treatment my eczema improved to the point that it’s totally cleared up. Totally amazed by Julie and homeopathy."

"Julie is very thorough and has treated all my conditions alongside each other and this has worked very well . I’m finally after 20 plus years seeing significant changes in my health and as you can imagine feeling overjoyed."

Go to my Google reviews.

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I've been in practice for over 20 years and these are the best therapies I've found - Homeopathy, Bach Flower Therapy, Sound Healing and The Metamorphic Technique.

In person in SY21
Bach Flower Therapy
Sound Healing
The Metamorphic Technique

Bach Flower Therapy

Sound Healing Welshpool, Sound Healing Newtown, Sound Healing Shropshire, Sound Healing Powys

Make a booking

If you're ready to make a booking for a homeopathy consultation or a holistic therapy session, you can use the booking system. Payment is not taken at time of booking but is required on or before your appointment.

To book click here to use the automated booking system. If you prefer, you can phone me to make an appointment.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that can be successful in treating most health problems. The ‘medicine’ is homeopathic remedies. These re-establish health, so you won’t need to take the remedies forever – just until your body has got used to a healthy way of working.

After your consultation, I carefully select the homeopathic remedies you need. I take many factors into account including each of your physical health issues and your emotional state.

Homeopathy is suitable for all ages including babies and children as it is completely safe and natural.

Consultations are every 4-5 weeks until your health is improved and then less frequently.

Homeopath Welshpool, Homeopath Newtown, online homeopathy


If you're looking for a relaxing session this may be for you. It can be gently transformational, bring calm and clarity and helps physical problems and emotional distress.

Everything at particle level is vibration. Sound Healing will ‘reset’ your vibration to its optimum level, bringing harmony to mind and body.

Here is a recent testimonial from a client:-

"I went to Julie after experiencing massive upheaval in my life. I felt such heaviness in my chest. During the healing, I felt really relaxed and comfortable. I was really intrigued by this type of Sound Healing as Julie uses her voice, as well as some other instruments. Her voice is very powerful and soothing and works to shift blocked energy.

I wanted more clarity and courage from this session which I definitely got. Afterwards, I felt so much lighter and like pressure had been removed physically and mentally. Julie is kind and makes you feel at ease straightaway. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to experience this unique type of healing."

Read more about Sound Healing by clicking here

Sound Healing Welshpool, Sound Healing Newtown, Sound Healing Shropshire, Sound Healing Powys


Bach Flower Therapy was founded by Edward Bach, a medical doctor and homeopath. He believed that our health and happiness lie in following one's true path in life. There are 38 Bach Flower remedies, each representing a different quality. They can be given in combination, which is how I use them - to represent the present, recent past and distant past.

The flower remedies can help develop the inner qualities we need, such as confidence, patience, tenacity etc. that we need to lead us back to our true path in life.


If you feel stuck or upset and the last thing you want to do is talk about how you feel, then this gentle therapy is for you, because I won't ask you any questions other than your name and contact details.

After the Metamorphic Technique, changes happen all on their own, without trying, without effort. Problems may resolve on their own.

It may look similar to reflexology, but it's a lighter touch on the hands and head as well as the feet. These areas known as 'spinal reflexes' correspond to different stages of development between conception and birth. By the practitioner gently massaging the spinal reflexes, all influences which created negative patterns of experience in your life are gently and painlessly released.

The Metamorphic Technique is amazingly relaxing. You will only need to remove your shoes and socks and can sit or lie down.

Read more about The Metamorphic Technique by clicking here.

The Metamorphic Technique Oswestry, The Metamorphic Technique Newtown, The Metamorphic Technique Welshpool, The Metamorphic Technique Shropshire, online homeopathy, homeopathy Newtown

Any questions?

I offer a FREE telephone or web chat, to discuss your needs and to answer any questions you may have. To book click here and choose 'FREE introductory call' from the ONLINE options.

Confidentiality, privacy and GDPR

Please be assured that my patient information is kept securely and is confidential.

I have a GDPR policy (about keeping your personal data safe) which you can read by following the 'Privacy Policy' link at the very bottom of this page.


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