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Have you or a loved one suffered from side effects after a medicine or jab?

Though the timing of new symptoms could be coincidental, adverse reactions can happen – that’s why there is a Yellow Card scheme in the UK.

Whatever the cause, I hope your symptoms were temporary and you're fully recovered.

But if you have hit a brick wall, and are not getting better, then I believe that homeopathy is the best chance you have of getting your health back.

Homeopathy is established, tried and trusted, and in recent years, I have been using homeopathic detoxing to help those whose health has been compromised by outside influences.

Homeopathy is natural, and uses minute doses to stimulate the body's own healing, so it cannot cause side effects.

Homeopathy up levelled!

My homeopathic prescriptions will focus on different aspects of your health problem(s), and therefore I might prescribe ten or more homeopathic remedies at the same time. This is homeopathy ‘up levelled!’

You do not need to have had a medical diagnosis to have homeopathic treatment, but if you have one, it is helpful.

I offer a free introductory call with no obligation.

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