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H-DETOX - what's not for us is against us

When we remove physical toxins, our health improves and energy increases, and even our outlook can improve.

Less toxins = more health.

Why might I need H-DETOX?

Some medications that are considered normal can affect the body’s vital force, leading to a gradual loss of energy and a decline in health.

Medications such as the contraceptive pill, antibiotics, painkillers and steroids etc. can lead to chronic health problems over time. Other toxins such as heavy metals from for example amalgam fillings also compromise health.

This is why I offer H-DETOX.

When I first started practicing homeopathy 20+ years ago, people’s health was a lot ‘cleaner’. But the world has changed so much. We are all dealing with so much more toxicity, it's not just as simple as finding someone's constitutional remedy anymore.

Treatment plans

H-DETOX is normally given in eight week courses, rather than the usual four week programme for constitutional treatment.

Can H-DETOX help me?

Toxicity can be an obstacle standing in the way of true healing.

H-DETOX can help even if your symptoms started a long time ago...

Or recently...

Or if you've been suffering a gradual decline in health...

Or if you'd like to be in the best physical shape you can, in order to have health resilience, because...


I will be adding more information on H-DETOX

Contact me for more information.

Hormone balancing

Many women experience hormonal problems. This could be due to artificial hormones via contraception and HRT, etc.). If our natural hormonal balance has been affected, symptoms can arise, and which include:-

  • Difficulty conceiving
  • Pregnancy symptoms, e.g. pregnancy sickness
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Candida or digestive problems
  • Low libido

    Homeopathy can help with this, by cleansing the body and rebalancing hormones.

    Please see my related article on DES by clicking here.

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