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Homeopathy success stories. ANGER MENOPAUSE


Homeopathy can help with:-

  • Menopause and perimenopause
  • Period problems including:-
    pain, irregular periods, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS)
  • Post natal depression
  • Infertility

    Homeopathy is the best natural alternative to drug treatments which have side effects

    Homeopathy is safe and has no side effects - only benefits.

    Below are details of clients I have helped with homeopathy:-

    Homeopathy in the menopause

    Client has had menopause symptoms for one year. Her symptoms:-
    Hot flushes, worse at night but can be anytime.
    Feels claustrophobic at night (since the hot flushes)
    Exhausted, worn out feeling. Can’t be bothered with anyone.
    Wants to be left alone.
    Interrupted sleep – wakes two or three times a night.
    Client also feels that family take her for granted, leaving her to run a business and look after the home. Any attempts to redress the balance of responsibilities result in family arguments and the situation doesn’t change. She feels resentful and upset about this. Also, she still feels a great deal of sadness about her mother’s death, and says, “I haven’t had chance to grieve.”

    2nd consultation
    “I am getting more help at home and in the business."
    "My sleeping is better and I’m not waking in the night.
    "I don’t need the window open now and the hot flushes have stopped.”

    3rd consultation
    "All my symptoms have gone."
    “Things are better at home. Everyone is pulling their weight, so I have reduced my workload. I don’t feel resentful anymore."
    "I have had time to grieve for my mother and I feel at peace with that now."
    "I feel like myself again.”

    Homeopathy for the menopause - homeopathy for heavy periods

    43 year old female patient felt like she was “bleeding to death.” She was experiencing almost constant periods with flooding. She had been put on hormones by her GP but was no better. Previously she'd had a coil, and been on the contraceptive pill.

    I prescribed two remedies - to balance her hormones and for the effects of blood loss.

    At her follow up appointment one month later, my patient told me that she had had a 26 day cycle with an 8 day bleed but had had some spotting. Her hormone levels had been tested by her GP and found to be ‘normal.’

    I prescribed a new remedy based on her overall symptoms.

    At her next follow up appointment, my patient described herself as feeling very well. She had had a 32 day cycle, with a 5 day bleed, with no bleeding in between. She now had a lot more energy. She had consulted her GP who confirmed she no longer needed to take the prescription hormone treatment.

    Homeopathy for infertility

    My patient in her 20s had not had a period in five years, and was desperate to have a baby. She had already undergone IVF treatment which had been unsuccessful. I prescribed homeopathic remedies to clear toxins and for her depression.

    After two consultations with me, my patient's menstrual cycle returned and she conceived a couple of months later. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

    Homeopathy for amenorrhoea (periods stopped)

    My patient in her 30s consulted me because she hadn’t had a period for 7 months. Her periods had stopped not long after a shock - her husband had collapsed. She started to cry. I prescribed a single homeopathic remedy. Within 6 weeks my patient had a period and subsequent periods were regular and normal.

    Homeopathic for health decline since hysterectomy

    My patient in her 40s had been treated for back pain by two chiropractors for the past 5 years which had not helped. She said it felt like a bruised coccyx. She'd had a hysterectomy 20 years previously, suffered with insomnia and was tired on waking. She "felt old." She cried a lot when recalling mother’s death.

    I prescribed three remedies - to balance her hormones, for grief and for a tendency to 'over give.'

    One month later, she came for her follow up appointment. She looked ten years younger. She had much more energy and felt happy. Her back pain and insomnia were no more!

    Homeopathy for low libido

    Patient age 31 whose main concern was her low libido (since the birth of her first child). She felt tired, angry and worried about the effect on her relationship.

    I prescribed one remedy which fitted all of her symptoms.

    At her follow up appointment one month later, my patient was delighted that her libido had returned, and joked, “Why didn’t I know about this years ago?”

  • Homeopathy success stories. ECZEMA WHITE


    To see a larger version of the photo, click on the image.

    My client developed itchy eruptions on his skin four months ago. His GP thought this was either eczema or psoriasis and prescribed steroid cream. Client consulted me 31st March and I prescribed homeopathic remedies. Client's 2nd appointment was 5th May. He had chosen to stop using the steroid cream, and had seen improvement with just homeopathy in only five weeks.


    Haemorrhoids for 8 years

    A patient in his 20s consulted me for haemorrhoids and anal fissures which he’d had for EIGHT YEARS. His local hospital were soon to start treatment.

    I prescribed two homeopathic remedies to be taken daily. A month later, I received a phone call from my patient who’d had a hospital appointment. After an examination, he was told that two of the fissures had HEALED and there were no haemorrhoids.


    Headaches gone after 27 years

    Mr Y, a patient in his 50s consulted me regarding his migraine headaches, which happened once or twice a week and had gone on for the last 27 YEARS! Just before a headache started, he became ravenously hungry. It was this unusual symptom that led me to select his homeopathic remedy.

    When I next saw Mr Y, his headaches had COMPLETELY GONE, and he looked much healthier. I stayed in contact with Mr Y - his headaches never returned.

    Homeopathy success stories. tired women red dress for blog page


    Mrs A consulted me for chronic fatigue. It had started with vomiting and diarrhoea after drinking contaminated water from a tap on a campsite she stayed at. Only afterwards did she notice the water had “things swimming in it.”

    Afterwards she never recovered properly and went on to develop chronic fatigue. She spent most of her time lying on the sofa exhausted. I prescribed the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album - one of the remedies for illness from drinking impure water. The remedy was a really good match for her personality as well, being someone who was very worried by germs and untidiness.

    When I next saw Mrs A a month later, she looked happier and healthier. She'd had a lot more energy and had been much more active with gardening and housework.

    Homeopathy success stories. right hand 070522


    This image above is two photos of my client's RIGHT hand - before treatment and 21 days into homeopathic treatment.

    Homeopathy success stories. left hand updated

    Before and after treatment photos

    This image below shows two photos of his LEFT hand - again on day 1 of treatment then on day 21 of treatment.

    On both photos you can see that the fingers have started to straighten and the patient experienced less inflammation and a greater range of movement in both hands.


    My client has had Ulcerative Colitis for 10 years. She consulted me as she was having a flare up.

    In the past she's been treated with steroids which she'd like to avoid if possible. She had the usual symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis including needing to go to the loo urgently around 10 times a day.

    After 16 days on homeopathic treatment, she states, “I am at a point that is 100% more manageable than I was a few weeks ago. I don’t worry about going out now.”

    9 days later she says, “I only need to go to the loo once after eating, so only about four times a day. It’s so much better. I’m really pleased.”

    My client is soon to have another appointment with me, and my aim will be to build on the progress she has already made.

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