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Sound Healing. singing bowls not so bright

Why Sound Healing?

Having had many forms of healing myself, in my opinion, nothing is as beautiful and profound as a Sound Healing. You will notice how relaxed you become from the sounds and experience and even feel their effect on you.

Sound Healing can help many health problems, physical and emotional.

In a session you remain fully clothed, sitting or lying down, and no touch is involved.

A Sound Healing experience

“Disease is simply part of our body vibrating out of tune.” Jonathan Goldman

I was consulted by a client who was experiencing constant pain due to injuries sustained in a road traffic accident a decade earlier. He also had difficulty walking and the pain was accompanied by stiffness. Because of this, he chose to be seated for the healing session.

After I had completed the Sound Healing, I noticed that my client now looked peaceful and relaxed showing no indication of pain.

We chatted about how he was feeling now and during the session, and then he went on his way.

Shortly afterwards, my client telephoned me to say that for the first time in ten years he had just been able to reverse his van onto his drive - the pain and stiffness that was stopping him before had gone.

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