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FOR HOMEOPATHY FOR WOMEN'S HORMONAL HEALTH blog May 2020 (infertility, menopause, etc) click here.

In my experience as a homeopath and healer, negative emotions are a significant factor in the development of chronic health problems, often the MAIN factor.

Negative emotions, if not resolved, will be stored in the body somewhere, and forgotten about.

They can be there for years, decades, being added to with new hurts.

Most of the emotion will be hidden, like an iceberg.

Negative emotions are toxic

Negative emotions eventually hurt the body, and they reside in places that are of a similar toxic vibration. In traditional medicine, we learn that anger hurts the liver, but the liver is also our primary detoxification organ. So, the more anger we hold onto, the more toxic we get.

Sadness can be stored in the heart, or when it’s too painful for the heart, the thymus gland.

Anger, sadness, guilt, disappointment, fear, anxiety and stress etc. when not let go of are all toxic.

Even though hidden, emotions are still partly visible – especially to a trained homeopath. Patients will reveal their hidden emotions through their words, body language and overall energy. For example:-

Looking sad
Being overly cheerful which may be a mask for feelings of sadness.
Their life history shows a pattern of behaving of putting others first (guilt)
Giving examples of strong irritation about little things (anger)

These are signs that negative emotions are a factor in this person’s health.

What is the answer?

Fortunately, the body has a warning system that something is wrong – SYMPTOMS.

Symptoms are the language of the body and are important clues as to the cause of dis-ease.

We have been taught that the symptoms are the illness, but they are an EXPRESSION of an illness.

After getting a diagnosis, I advise that the CAUSE is treated, not the symptoms. And this brings me to homeopathy.

Homeopathy will deal with the physical effects resulting from negative emotions, AND will also dissolve emotional pain.

Other factors

It’s important to say that though emotions play a large part in health, they’re not the only factor. Diet, lifestyle, environmental, and more all play a part.

In a homeopathic consultation, I take a full case history and will explore all possibilities

Contact me to enquire or book a consultation – see my details in the right hand panel.

Some of my case examples below illustrate the effect of a negative emotion to a physical health problem.

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Sciatica back pain from sadness grief REAL LIFE CASE

I can't take any credit for this one - I was the patient!

20+ years ago, I had sciatica; pain down the back of my left leg. I could not even walk without pain, let alone run. I had seen my GP, had physiotherapy, and as that didn’t work, had 18 months of chiropractic treatment, and I was still no better.

I was a student homeopath at the time, but hadn’t thought that homeopathy could help back pain. But seeing as nothing else had worked, I booked a consultation with a homeopath.

At my first consultation, I was prescribed a combination remedy. There was no change. A month later, at my next consultation, I was prescribed another remedy in different potencies (strengths) to be taken over 7 days.

Four days after starting the remedies, my sciatica was completely gone, and has never returned!

When I went back to see my homeopath, he told me that he'd given me a remedy called IGNATIA. It's for GRIEF. I had suffered a bereavement prior to my sciatica starting. I had never made the connection.

Ailments from anger, haemorrhoids - successfully treated REAL LIFE CASE

My patient in his 20s consulted me with haemorrhoids and anal fissures which he’d had for EIGHT YEARS. His local hospital had confirmed this, but they hadn’t started any treatment.

I prescribed two homeopathic remedies to be taken daily. A month later, I received a phone call from my patient who’d had another hospital appointment. After examining him, they told him that two of the fissures had HEALED and they couldn’t see any haemorrhoids!!! (They had healed too).

What accounted for this success so quickly? I had prescribed remedies for suppressed anger. I had picked up on his anger over reactions as we talked. Overall, he presented himself as very mild in temperament.

Homeopathy given for shock, and other emotions REAL LIFE CASES

In my previous blog, on women's hormonal health problems, I've detailed some of my cases. In all of these, it was necessary to heal the emotion that was either the cause or a component of the health problem.

In case 1 below, in infertility, I prescribed a homeopathic remedy for depression, as well as a hormonal detox, after which my patient was able to conceive.

In case 2, I gave a homeopathic remedy for shock and upset , after which my patient's periods restarted.

In case 3, my patient's main complaint was back pain but there was also a lot of emotional baggage and a hormonal imbalance. My homeopathic prescription included remedies to to heal her depression and guilt. When she returned for her follow-up consultation, she looked amazing and almost all her ailments had cleared up.

In case 4, anger was a problem for my patient. After her first homeopathic prescription, my patient became happier and her symptoms cleared up.

Case 5, in her first consultation, I didn't feel that any emotions needed to be healed. In her 2nd consultation, she felt very good, and at this point I did prescribe a homeopathic remedy to heal her tendency towards self blame.



I am passionate about helping people regain and improve their health, NATURALLY.

One of my areas of interest is women's hormonal health. This encompasses a range of problems from puberty to menopause and beyond.

Many of the women I have treated had already tried the usual routes to get well. As you will see from my case examples below, homeopathy offers a real alternative.

I have successfully treated women suffering with the following problems, with homeopathy:-

Period problems including
Irregular or stopped periods, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), PMT (premenstrual tension), PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS)


Post natal depression

Perimenopause and menopause problems including
Hot flushes, night sweats, 'flooding' (menorrhagia), mood swings, vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, low energy, tiredness

Success stories - women's health - infertility, periods stopped, menopause, post hysterectomy, low libido, flooding etc.

The benefits of patients using homeopathy for female hormonal problems are significant, as drug or other interventions can often be avoided.

Below are some of my cases summaries for female hormonal problems:-

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CASE 1 Homeopathy for infertility, detoxing, depression, periods stopped (amenorrhoea), conception

My patient in her 20s had not had a period in five years, and was desperate to have a baby. She had already undergone IVF treatment which had been unsuccessful. I prescribed homeopathic remedies to clear toxins and address her depression about her ongoing difficulties.

After two consultations with me, my patient's menstrual cycle returned and she conceived a couple of months later. I am happy to learn that she recently gave birth to a baby girl.

CASE 2 Homeopathy for female hormonal problems, amenorrhoea (periods stopped), emotional shock

My patient in her 30s consulted me because she hadn’t had a period for 7 months. I enquired as to what was going on in her life around that time. She told me that her husband had collapsed - but he was ok now. She started to cry. I gave her a homeopathic remedy for shock and upset.

When my patient’s husband came for his consultation, he reported that his wife’s period had started soon after she took her homeopathic remedy.

CASE 3 Homeopathy for back pain, hysterectomy, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, tiredness, feels old, guilt, worry, depression

My patient in her 40s had been treated for back pain by two chiropractors for the past 5 years which had not helped. She said it felt like a bruised coccyx. She'd had a hysterectomy 20 years previously. She suffered insomnia and was tired on waking. She said she felt old. Her other symptoms were catarrh, bloating, feeling guilty, worried and burdened. She cried a lot when recalling mother’s death. Overall, I felt she was depressed.

I prescribed three remedies to address her hormonal imbalance, her grief and her compulsion to take on too much for the family.

One month later, she came for her follow up appointment. She looked ten years younger and fantastic. She told me she had much more energy and felt happy. To me she seemed carefree. All her symptoms had gone but for catarrh and bloating. I prescribed one of the remedies I had previously given which resolved those last two symptoms.

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CASE 4 Homeopathy for low libido, female hormonal problems, tiredness, and anger

Patient age 31 whose main concern was her low libido. She said her libido ‘had gone’ following the birth of her first child. She felt angry and tired. She was worried that her lack of libido would cause problems in her relationship.

I prescribed one remedy which fitted all of her symptoms.

At her follow up appointment one month later, she told me that she was delighted that her libido had returned, and said, “Why didn’t I know about this years ago?”

CASE 5 Homeopathy for menopause, flooding (very heavy periods), female hormonal problems

The first thing my 43 year old female patient said to me was, “I’m bleeding to death.” She was experiencing almost constant periods with massive flooding. She had been put on hormones by her GP but was no better. Previously she had had a coil, and been on the contraceptive pill.

I prescribed two remedies to address loss in fluids, the and the hormonal imbalance.

At her follow up appointment one month later, my patient told me that she had had a 26 day cycle with an 8 day bleed but had had some spotting. Her hormone levels had been tested by her GP and found to be ‘normal.’

I prescribed a new remedy based on her overall symptoms.

At her next follow up appointment, my patient described herself as feeling very well. She had had a 32 day cycle, with a 5 day bleed, with no bleeding in between. She now had a lot more energy. She had consulted her GP who agreed who agreed that she no longer needed to take the hormone treatment that he had previously prescribed.


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